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10 Reasons To Try Shilajit

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10 Reasons To Try Shilajit: Mother Earth’s Greatest Gift To Humankind

Looking at the above image of Shilajit probably has you wondering, “Why would anyone want to eat that?” The thought certainly crossed my mind when I first laid eyes on the lump of pitch black resin which resembles nothing so much as a glob of tar. However, after many long hours spent digging for the answer, my question changed to, “Why wouldn’t everyone want to eat that?”

How It All Started…

The consumption of Shilajit for energy and improved health is thought to have originated in Himalayan villages where people observed bands of monkeys migrating into the upper elevations during warmer months in order to ingest the dark resin oozing from crevices in the cliffs. These particular monkeys where noticeably larger and stronger than those who did not eat the resin, leading the villagers to begin harvesting Shilajit for their own use.

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