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A Travel Bucket List: 16 Places to Lose my Heart before I Depart

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A Travel Bucket List Part 1: 16 places to Lose my Heart before I Depart

If I could give up my material possessions in exchange for an endless voyage and live nomadically, I would in a heartbeat! The world we live in is an amazing place of continuous discovery and no matter how much we’ve seen, tasted and travelled, there’s just that extra mile, nile and isle that remains unexplored. Here’s my travel checklist of amazing places I’d like to experience in this lifetime. I should be so fortunate to visit a hand full in my list! And when I do, I am almost certain that it will change the way I look at life, from when once was merely a perspective within a fishbowl. I can’t wait to lose my breath when I leap out of it.

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