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47 Amazing Benefits Of Parsley (Ajmood)

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47 Amazing Benefits Of Parsley (Ajmood) For Skin, Hair And Health

This underappreciated herb is the very common Parsley. It is a leafy herb that is easily available round the year in almost all the regions. This culinary herb is one of the best disease fighters. Parsley is also referred as ‘Ajmood’ / ‘Ajmooda Ka Patta’ in Hindi, ‘Kothimeera Jati’ in Telugu, ‘Kothamalu Illai’ in Tamil, ‘Seema Malli’ in Malayalam, ‘Achu-Mooda’ in Kannada, ‘Ajmo’ in Gujarati, and ‘Ajmoda’ in Marathi.This has many medicinal properties so it can be directly used as a medicine as well.

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