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Chia Seeds

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Relish the wonder of Chia Seed and see how it works its magic in promoting fabulous health
An edible seed, unfamiliar to most Toledoans, is making a comeback! Salvia Espanola, or more commonly known as Chia. It was recently made famous by the novelty item Chia Pets. However, its beginnings as a food source are lost in history.

Originating from Central America, it was once celebrated by the Aztecs. Not only was it considered a staple food, it was also used as tax to the rulers. These teensy-weensy black seeds contain a treasure of nutrients.

But here’s where the magic lies, these seeds are highly soluble fibers, which means they turn into a gel once wet. This gel provides a flow of energy to the body that will last for a while. The Aztecs used Chia to give an extra boost of energy to runners. This seed helps provide energy and endurance by providing all the raw materials to make the walls of our cells soft and flexible allowing the oxygen in and it is believed to help regulating blood sugar.

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